AIC Statement on Malaysia's Amendment to Evidence Act

June 13, 2012

The AIC has supported a public forum to discuss the Evidence Act amendments in Malaysia. The amendments have generated a significant level of interest among Malaysians such as how the amendments will affect them. We lent support so that Malaysians could discuss the issue. The AIC believes in the value of an open and free internet and takes an interest in supporting discussions that can help such an objective.

AIC Comments to the Proposed Personal Data Protection Bill for Singapore

April 30, 2012

AIC supports with the objective of laying down a DP regime that seeks to create a balance between the need to protect individual’s
personal data against organization’s need to obtain and process such data for legitimate and reasonable purposes. The AIC would like to emphasize that these equally important objectives are not necessarily conflicting and it is critical that, in language and implementation, the law ensures prevention of misuse of personal information in a manner that does not impede industry’s capacity to innovate and use information for purposes that will benefit society.

AIC Feedback to Board of Computing Professionals Malaysia (BCPM) Open Day

January 4, 2012

Whilst this Act is well intentioned, we believe that more needs to be done to ensure that efficiency, fairness and innovation are not compromised. We encourage the CGSO to ensure that there is adequate advanced consultation on future drafts of the bill, as well as the CNII categories.

AIC Executive Director’s article on Copyright in South China Morning Post

December 9, 2011

There’s no reason why internet-savvy Hong Kong should lag behind other developed economies in creating a market for digital content, says John Ure, Director of Asia Internet Coalition.

AIC Response to the Proposed Consumer Data Protection Regime for Singapore

October 26, 2011

The AIC welcomes the opportunity to comment on the questions posed and issues laid out in the Consultation Paper on the Proposed Consumer Data Protection Regime for Singapore (the “Consultation Paper”). For convenience, we addressed the questions raised in the Consultation Paper in the order they were presented.

AIC Statement on Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act

September 8, 2011

The Asia Internet Coalition believes that responsible intermediaries should be protected from prosecution over the actions of users and that clear notice and takedown policies must be in place. These are not included in Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act.By holding an intermediary liable for the actions of its users, this case could set a dangerous precedent and have a significant long-term impact on Thailand’s economy.

AIC’s Response to the Hong Kong Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 to LEGCO

July 19, 2011

The AIC is supportive of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau’s (CEDB) proposed digital copyright law amendments and we provide further comments to ensure laws that will protect artists and fosters innovation in new online services that help people create, distribute, and engage information.

Official Launch of the Asia Internet Coalition in HK

June 14, 2011

Hong Kong, 14 June 2011 — The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), a new industry association founded by eBay, Google, Nokia, Skype and Yahoo! was launched today to promote the understanding and resolution of Internet policy issues in the Asia-Pacific Region.

AIC Welcoming Statement to the United Nations’ Internet Access Report

June 1, 2011

A Great Moment for the Internet and Freedom of Expression. The Asia Internet Coalition hopes it will approve this strong and positive document.

AIC Comments on Philippines’ Data Privacy Bills

May 24, 2011

The AIC welcomes the decision by the authorities to develop a Personal Information Protection
regime for the Philippines. Given the rapid changes in technology, people communicate, transact and interact in new and different ways. As an industry association representing global Internet players, the AIC hopes to be a relevant partner as the authorities develop a Personal Information Protection regime.

AIC Comments on Draft Amendments to the Philippines’ Copyright Law

May 4, 2011

The AIC believes that the review of the Copyright Law is timely. As an industry association representing global Internet players, the AIC hopes to be a relevant partner as the House Committee reviews the Copyright Law. It is from this perspective that the AIC offers its comments.

AIC Response to the HK Public Consultation on Review of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

December 31, 2010

In it’s aim to strengthen protection of personal data privacy, the AIC hopes that the Hong Kong Government will give due consideration to an approach which enables providers to keep pace not only with technological advances, but with consumer demands and expectations as well.