[Australia] AIC Submits Comments on ACCC Ad Tech Inquiry Issues Paper (May 2020)

Download: [Australia] AIC Submits Comments on ACCC Ad Tech Inquiry Issues Paper (May 2020)

The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) has submitted comments to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC) on the Ad Tech Inquiry Issues Paper. We commend the ACCC’s efforts to seek feedback and information about the digital advertising technology supply chain and advertising agency services in Australia. The publication of the issues paper is a great opportunity to better understand the transparency and effectiveness of ad tech and ad agency services. We are also grateful to the ACCC for upholding a transparent, multi-stakeholder approach and extending a call for comments to an array of parties which includes advertising and media agencies, social media platforms, website owners, app developers and ad tech services companies. As responsible stakeholders in this policy formulation process, please find appended to this letter detailed comments which we would like the ACCC to consider as it examines the competition and efficiency of markets for ad tech and agency services.

AIC’s submission was published on the ACCC Ad Tech Inquiry website and can be viewed here: https://www.accc.gov.au/focus-areas/inquiries-ongoing/digital-advertising-services-inquiry/submissions-to-issues-paper.