Asia Internet Coalition and Internet Safety

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This year, Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on 11 February. The theme for the campaign is “Let’s create a better internet together”, which is a call for all to “work together to build a better internet for all, but particularly children and young people”.

The AIC members are committed to and actively engaged in helping people stay safe online, whether it is about providing easy to use tools and handy advice or fighting the bad guys in the background. AIC Member companies, comprising eBay, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Yahoo, are constantly working hard to to keep people safe against malware, scams and online fraud.

There are a vast range of resources available online. Below are a selection of relevant Internet Safety materials from each of our members, which you may find useful, whether you are a user, a parent, an educator or a researcher looking for practical information.


 Untitled6 eBay enables payment security and privacy features on their platform. To learn more, please take eBay’s tutorial on Account Protection or visit eBay’s Safety Centre. 
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 Untitled Please see Facebook’s guide book for Educators and School Counsellors  or visit Facebook’s Safety Centre.
  ————————  —————————————————————————————————————
 dkfd Visit Google’s Safety Centre for resources and advice on how to help you protect yourself and your family from identity theft, scams and online fraud. You can also learn how to make your computer or mobile device more secure, how Google works to make you, your device and the whole web safer.
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 lkin LinkedIn provides tips for teens and additional privacy protections to youth under 18 using the LinkedIn platform.For teen tips and more information, please visit LinkedIn’s Safety Centre.
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  Although is not a consumer company, TRUST is of utmost importance to us. Join security experts for this educational webinar. In this webinar, we share best practices for raising awareness about phishing and security, provide educational content on how to defend against these attacks, and walk you through how you can quickly and easily increase the security of your deployment. Please visit TRUST
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 kl Yahoo is dedicated to educating users to keep themselves safe while using Yahoo’s various products, such as Flickr and Yahoo mail messenger. Yahoo has prepared a Family Media Agreement for parents and children to be educated about Internet Safety. For more guides and tips, please visit Yahoo’s Safety Centre.