AIC report: Trade In The Digital Age: Helping Small Businesses Think Big

Download: AIC report: Trade In The Digital Age: Helping Small Businesses Think Big

AIC Releases Report: Trade in the Digital Age – Helping Small Businesses Think Big

12 Jul 2013, Singapore – Over the last two decades, the emergence of the Internet has delivered enormous economic and trade benefits. According to the OECD, the Internet’s impact on productivity may exceed the effects of any other technological innovation to date, including electricity and the combustion engine. As a new, dynamic force in the global economy, characterized by an open, collaborative approach, the Internet has driven record increases in productivity, inspired innovation, and created rapidly emerging markets. The Internet transcends international borders and it has spread to more than a quarter of the world’s population. By creating an astounding array of new economic opportunities and expanding international trade, the Internet has also transformed traditional commerce. As the Internet dramatically decreases high entry costs for foreign markets, we are now seeing the rise of small to medium-sized businesses as competitive exporters along with the creation of innovative business models, cutting-edge inventions, and new and improved services.

Even the smallest company can now afford a communications and computational infrastructure that would have been the envy of a large corporation 15 years ago. These small businesses have the ability to operate globally and scale quickly. Internet technologies, including online advertising, online translation services, and online platforms, enable businesses to go global, regardless of their size and geographic location.

In this booklet, we have highlighted 12 small businesses from around the world that are doing extraordinary things online. It’s important to create the right environment to empower thousands more innovative SMBs, leading to the creation of new jobs and sustainable economic growth.

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