Official Launch of the Asia Internet Coalition in HK

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Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) Launch

Hong Kong, 14 June 2011 — The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), a new industry association founded by eBay, Google, Nokia, Skype and Yahoo! was launched today to promote the understanding and resolution of Internet policy issues in the Asia-Pacific Region. Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer Mr. Stephen Mak delivered the keynote address to commemorate the launch at the eBay offices in Wan Chai.

The coalition is the first in Hong Kong, and in Asia, to bring together five global technology companies with a commercial interest in, and a philosophical commitment to, the open Internet. Led by Dr. John Ure, Director of the Telecommunications Research Project (TRP) at Hong Kong University, the AIC seeks engagement with policy makers, industry and users to promote these aims.

The growth of the Internet has revolutionized the way businesses in the Asia-Pacific region interact with their users. The Internet has empowered millions of small and medium enterprises to reach out beyond their borders and engage users throughout the region without additional investment. The AIC seeks to continue this trend and promote policies that encourage the unhindered development of the Internet.

Through regular consultation with government and industry, the AIC will facilitate this growth while addressing major policy issues that arise from such rapid growth. The AIC strongly believes that an open Internet will benefit entire economies, societies and citizens, and is committed to this goal.

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Asia Internet Coalition 的成立

億貝(eBay),谷歌(Google),諾基亞(Nokia),Skype 和雅虎(Yahoo!)

由億貝(eBay),谷歌(Google),諾基亞(Nokia),Skype和雅虎(Yahoo!)創辦的互聯網政策組織 Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) 於2011年6月14日在香港宣布成立,並於 eBay 灣仔辦公室舉行成立發布會,該組織的宗旨為推動對亞太區互聯網政策議題的認識及解决方案。香港特別行政區政府資訊科技總監麥鴻崧先生在發布會上發表了主題演講。

AIC是首個在香港和亞太區匯集了五大跨國科技公司的互聯網組織,該等公司為開放互聯網有箸共同的目的與承擔。為達到此目的,由香港大學 Telecommunications Research Project (TRP) 總監 John Ure 教授代表的 AIC 尋求與政府、業介和互聯網用戶的交流。